Medical department

Innovation, Quality and Service.

What we offer;

The Medical Devices division is committed to the application of non-invasive treatments in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology procedures, investing in the latest technology both in research and development, and production and dianomi.Ta following have been identified as the main pillars of Rontis, applied from the initial idea, in research and development up to the production process.

  • The conception and design of quality products incorporating the latest technology
  • The continuous improvement of the internal quality control system, to ensure optimal safety and product performance
  • The immediate response to market expectations and our partners
  • Ensuring the technical and scientific support from experts in the field of medical devices.

Repair maintenance!

The IASIS covers individual processes and steps required for the repair of a medical device, the announcement of the fault in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and initial verification, to perform the repair and recording actions.

Covering the specific activities required for the management of contracts relating to the maintenance and quality control equipment, the authority of the pattern and to respect the obligations in terms of the parties and finally the recording of results.

User Training

It covers the activities necessary for planning and organizing a continuing education process of the hospital staff. This service is provided in two different directions :

a) to the medical and nursing staff of the hospital
b) for the staff's own Department of Biomedical Technology.
An example, in Scheme 2 presents the repair maintenance service conducting chart and the specific actions to be executed for carrying out the